Tourism in America

There is no doubt that tourism in the United States is a massive industry that serves millions of international tourists every year. America is a very beautiful place that anyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. Most tourists visit the US to see the stunning cities, amazing natural wonders, and exceptional entertainment venues. Not only tourists seek these attractions, but Americans as well. We will talk in the following about tourism in America so that all our readers understand better why the US has such a great economy.


A very important thing you need to know about tourism here is that it grew rapidly into the urban tourism during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Around 1850, tourism in this place was extremely well established not only as a cultural activity but as an industry as well. New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco, the major cities in the US, attracted a very high number of tourists from all over the world, by 1890s. By 1920, city touring had actually marked significant shifts in the way Americans perceived, organized, as well as moved. The democratization of travel took place on the 20th century when the automobile revolutionized travel. This is what happened with air travel as well, and everything contributed greatly to tourism in America. When the terrorist attacks occurred on September 11th, 2001, tourism has been highly affected, and it took several years to become again what it used to be in the past.


Another interesting thing about tourism in the United States is that it is among the three largest employers in not more and not less than 29 states, employing 7-million in 2004, to take care of 1.5-billion trips tourists took in America in 2005. Today, New York City is the most visited metropolis in the United States of America, followed by the stunning and vibrant Los Angeles, lovely Orlando, crazy Las Vegas, and the one and only Chicago. Tourists spend huge amounts of money in the USA than in many other countries, while it actually attracts the second-highest number of tourists after France. Not only the USA has plenty of stunning cities with lots of amazing attractions to visit and interesting things to do, but it also has some magical natural locations with some of the most beautiful views and landscapes. There are many natural reserves where you can see very rare plants, animals, as well as birds, not to mention the attractive hiking routes that wait to be explored. This is not everything, because America is also an excellent place to take your kids on holiday as there are several large adventure parks where the little ones will certainly spend an unforgettable holiday.


All in all, with so many amazing locations to see, there is no doubt that the United States has such an excellent tourism and economy. America is the land of all possibilities and also a place that must definitely be visited by all of us at least once in a lifetime.

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